Programme – for brass band, 3 days

Tour with music in Hungary

Programme proposal for a brass band (3 days, 2 nights)


1st day:  
12.00 arrival in Tát, warm-hearted welcome with champagne, lunch
14.00 departure to Esztergom
14.15 visit to the Cathedral, which is the biggest church in Hungary
15.15 free time in Esztergom
16.00 departure to Tát
16.15 rehearsal on stage, changing
17.00 concert with the Tát Brass Band in the culture house
  -the Tát Brass Band plays the visitors’ national anthem
  -the visiting band plays the Hungarian anthem
  -independent concert (about 45 min) of the visiting band
  -the visiting band and the Tát Brass Band play 6 songs together
19.00 dinner with music in Tát
22.00 departure to Budapest
23.00 arrival at the hotel, occupation of the rooms
2nd day:  
10.00 departure to the Buda Castle
11.00 outdoor concert at the Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion)
12.00 visit to the Matthias Church and the Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion)
13.30 lunch in Budapest
15.00 sightseeing (Heroes’ square, Vajdahunyad Castle)
16.00 departure to the Puszta (Lajosmizse)
17.30 Puszta programme
  welcome with apricot brandy and savoury scones
  horse and buggy ride, horse-show, riding possibility
  dinner with gipsy music at the village inn
21.00 departure to Budapest
22.00 night tour of the Budapest lights
23.00 arrival at the hotel
15.00 sightseeing
17.00 departure to the wine-cellar
18.00 wine-cellar party with music and wine-tasting (6-8 wine varieties)
  Hungarian dinner with unlimited wine
22.00 departure to Budapest
23.00 arrival at the hotel
3rd day:  
10.00 departure to Visegrád
11.00 visit to the Castle of King Matthias or free time
  at the all year bobsleigh run
12.15 departure to Esztergom
13.00 lunch in Esztergom
14.30 home journey







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