The MusikLand Travel Agency specialises in the planning and organisation of customised tours and programmes in Hungary for brass bands, choirs, harmonica bands, folk dance groups and other groups.

*Performance options:

Joint concerts with Hungarian brass bands/choirs/folk dance groups

Open-air concerts in Budapest, Esztergom or at Lake Balaton

Church concerts in Budapest, Esztergom or in other towns

Musical co-operation in church services

International Choir Meeting – Dorog

International Church Choir Meeting – Esztergom

Independent concerts/performance options.

*Tours, sightseeing:

Budapest, Esztergom, Visegrád, Szentendre, Plattensee  and other towns.

*Relaxation and fun:

Wine-cellar party with wine-tasting, puszta programme with horse-show and horse and buggy ride, medieval tournament with royal feast, winter/summer bobsled ground.

*Tour guiding:

in English, German, Italian, French, Danish, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Norwegian, Estonian, Swedisch, Portuguese or Hungarian

Here are a few examples of our programmes. Please look through our list and choose the most suitable for you.


Briefly about Tát:

Tát  is situated in the Danube-bend about 9 km south of Esztergom and 45 km from Budapest. It is a large village which was founded in 1181. By the 1700s there was a large German population. Our travel agency is also in Tát.

People who live here carefully preserve their mother tongue, culture and traditions. Since 1985 children have been taught German at the school and the kindergarten.

The Tát German National Brass Band was founded in 1985 and has 30 active members. They formed friendships with numerous German and Austrian brass bands and with inhabitants of twinned villages.

The Tát German Women’s Choir also takes part in fostering traditions.

When organizing our programmes we take these circumstances into account. We co-operate with the local and neighbouring Hungarian culture groups and we can offer you many opportunities to perform at the culture houses in Tát and other towns. As a further possibility, visitors can perform concerts inside or outside the Cathedral of Esztergom, in the Catholic church at Tát, at the Halászbástya (Fisherman’s Bastion) in Budapest and at lake Balaton.

Our visitors have a choice of several hotels (2, 3 or 4-star) in Budapest or in the countryside.

We guarantee a tour guide / an interpreter and an organiser during the programme.

Besides our tailored musical programmes we also organise sightseeing tours of Budapest, the Danube-bend, the Puszta (or Hungarian Great Plain), Lake Balaton, Eger and other towns. We can arrange wine-cellar parties with wine-tasting and/or a puszta programme for all of our groups.

We do not organise travel to and from Hungary, but we do provide coach travel inside the country, including transport to from the airport or station if needed.

We look forward to receiving reservation requests from other groups, for example amateur football teams, voluntary firemen’s unions, pensioners’ clubs, school groups, workplace communities, friendly societies etc.

We can offer accommodation and organise programmes to suit you.

If you have any enquiries please don’t hesitate to write to us. We will happily send you detailed price offers based on your requirements.  


Hungarian culture groups/associations which have performed together with our visitor groups:

Brass bands:

Tát German National Brass Band, Dorog German National Miner Concert Band, Mogyorósbánya Brass Band, Sárisáp Brass Band, Pilisvörösvár German National Brass Band, Cziffra György Music School’s Junior Brass Band – Pilisvörösvár, Dohnányi Ernő Music School’s Junior Brass Band – Budapest


Ars Musica Chamber Choir – Esztergom; Balassa Bálint Mixed Choir-Esztergom; Bástya Chamber Choir-Székesfehérvár; Belcanto Choir-Csolnok; Cantilena Children’s Choir-Dorog; Choir “Friends of Music”-Fót; Choir Corde Voto-Esztergom; Choir Gaudium-Tárnok; Choir Halleluja-Dorog; Choir Kodály-Budapest; Choir Mixte “Maklári József”-Perbál; Choir Monteverdi-Esztergom; Choir Stilla Pectus Párkány /Sturovo (Slovakia); Choir SZIVÁRVÁNY, Párkány (Slovakia); Concordia Mixed Choir, Révkomárom (Slovakia); Csolnok German National Mixed Choir; Építők Chamber Choir-Budapest; Gardellaca Choir-Tokod; German Choir-Leányvár; German National Choir Rosenbrücke-Érd; German National Mixed Choir-Nyergesújfalu; German National Mixed Choir-Pilisvörösvár; Inner City Church Choir-Esztergom; Kalevala Choir-Budapest; Kaplony Catholic Church Choir (Romania); Male Choir “Herz”, Ferencváros-Budapest; Male Choir-Tát; Miner Choir-Tokodaltáró & Sárisáp; Miner Male Choir-Padradkút; Mixed Choir “Franz Schubert”-Zselíz (Slovakia); Mixed Choir “Gyöngyvirág”-Kispest/Budapest; Mixed Choir “Maklári József”-Perbál; Mixed Choir City-Budapest; Mixed Choir-Ebed (Slovakia); Mogyorósbánya Slovakian National Mixed Choir; Municipal Mixed Choir-Balatonfüred; Pasarét Junior Choir-Budapest; Pécs Chamber Choir; Pilisszentiván Mixed Choir; PRO MUSICA Choir-Dorog; Saint Cecilia Mixed Choir-Nyergesújfalu; Schola Gregoriana Diosdiensis-Diósd; Singende Quelle Mixed Choir-Mohács; Slovakian National Mixed Choir-Pilisszentlélek; Slovakian National Women Choir-Piliscsév; St. Anne Church Choir-Esztergom; St.Elizabeth High School Choir-Esztergom; STELLA Concert Choir-Budapest; Tarján German National Mixed Choir; Tát German National Woman Choir; Women Choir “Spring”-Budapest; Women Choir “Vox Hungarica”-Budapest; Women Choir-Diósd, Zrínyi Children’s Choir-Dorog;

Dance Groups:

Tát ’Mazsorett’ Group; Tát German National Children’s Folk Dance Group; German National Folk Dance Group-Leányvár; PÖTÖRKE Folk Dance Group-Tata;


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